Most Inspiring Quotes Of APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes

1. You Have To Dream Before Your Dreams Can Come True.

apj abdul kalam

2. I’m Not A Handsome Guy, But I Can Give My Hand To Someone Who Needs Help. Beauty Is In The Heart, Not In The Face.

3. Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Definition To Succeed Is Strong Enough.

abdul kalam quotes

4. If You Fail, Never Give Up Because F.A.I.L. Means “First Attempt In Learning”. End Is Not The End, If Fact E.N.D. Means “Effort Never Dies.” If You Get No As An Answer, Remember N.O. Means “Next Opportunity”, So Let’s Be Positive.

5. Look At The Sky. We Are Not Alone. The Whole Universe Is Friendly To Us And Conspires Only To Those Who Dream And Work.

apj abdul kalam quotes

6. Don’t Read Success Stories, You Will Only Get Message. Read Failure Stories, You Will Get Some Ideas To Get Success.

7. One Best Book Is Equal To Hundred Good Friends, But One Good Friend Is Equal To A Library.

8. Man Needs Difficulties In Life Because They Are Necessary To Enjoy The Success.

quotes of apj abdul kalam

9. Unless India Stands Up To The World, No One Will Respect Us. In This World, Fear Has No Place. Only Strength Respects Strength.

10. For Me, There Is No Such Thing As A Negative Experience.

apj abdul kalam motivational quotes



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