Most Inspiring Quotes Of APJ Abdul Kalam

Abdul Kalam was a great inspiration for the youngsters of today as he had taught them to achieve the impossible. Even after his tenure of Presidentship was over, he continued to use science and technology to modify India and worked as a visiting faculty at many universities.

Kalam wrote many books, which include an autobiography, i.e., Wings of Fire (1999). He believed that the present Indian education system needed an overhaul. In a speech at the Delhi Secretariat, Kalam talked about including skill-based education in schools.

APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes

He believed that the children need to get specially trained for one skill set apart from their regular syllabus. This skill will give them an additional certification and help them get a job just after school. Plus, such skills would increase their awareness of how the industries operate. He also talked about incorporating a mobile setup of engineering labs on wheels that could go to various schools in a day.

Even now, students and professionals read APJ Abdul Kalam’s quotes to get encouragement and motivation. Following are the 35 of the best APJ Abdul Kalam quotes for students to emulate. Late APJ Abdul Kalam continues to inspire us even after he is gone. He never really is gone. Here are amazing APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes on life, success, and dreams.

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